ROO&BEAR, 56 years

Bonjour! Slt! G'day ya mates! ;) Hi ya! Dia dhuit! Hej Hej! Halló ! FR Je suis ici surtout pour me faire des amis éventuels et dans le réel, peu importe la distance, si nous trouvons des affinités et si la sympathie mutuelle passe :) Je pense sincèrement être un mec sympa, chaleureux et humain. Je suis sûr d'être très honnête: les grossièretés, les insultes et des éternelles paroles en l'air virtuelles toujours sur le même sujet sont susceptibles de déclencher une narcolepsie chez moi mais je me réveille qd même :)^^ Sois vrai, dis-moi ce sur quoi tu as envie de parler, nul besoin de tourner autour du pot par "political correctness car même si je ne suis pas le Beau au bois dormant, je risquerais de me retrouver endormi sur mon iBear comme oreiller... Donc ouvert à toutes les questions! Ayant enfin réussi à me rappeler de la langue de ma mère qd j'étais ado, maintenant que je suis un dinosaure, je vais écrire dans la langue du nom du père, sachant malgré tout que les non-dupes errent:) ENG Thanks for taking a peep at my profile: often said to be a warm host so will try and live up to yr attention without too much padding. I'm a sorted, regular next-door man who loves life, sport, travelling, science, music (big time !) and for whom cuddling and kissing are requirements. In a nutshell, I'm in search of genuine friends and perhaps, my Significant Other-One if luck comes up my way. Slim or fat chance? Argh!!! I know...But not totally writing myself off yet ;) No decorations for valour and bravery implied, but being self-contained and self-reliant without selfishness are traits I can identify with. Am unmistakably an unpretentious, straightforward, uncomplicated, discreet, genuine, humorous, caring and masculine bloke ideally interested in a LTR, but...Humph...Yeah right, I know as most of you would go: "Erm...Been there, done that: ain't that sheer wishful thinking?" Ok then how about the good old sayings "he who seeks finds & to him who knocks it will be opened ?" Bottom line ? Nothing ventured, nothing gained! So is Life I guess ? :) Making new friends is great but again I insist and repeat I am NOT into "fuck-buddies" or so-called "Open" Desperate Househusbands. Might sound dated to some but honestly, I really can't be arsed with whatever Whoeverthefuck may think. To each his own, granted, insofar as one doesn't do others harm. After all, isn't a bloody hell of a fulfilling, happiest-possible existence we all want? Let's be fair and not leave the eternal picky 1's out: I ain't :) Guess I've done my best to come to terms with myself, very professional, emotionally secure, happy, self-knowing, non-sexist when it comes to friends, be them male, female, butch dykes or effeminate gay men: they can all be special friends worth cherishing. Unfortunately (?!) I'm not bisexual nor tri-sexual, nor am I into playing with so-called "open couples" ... Again not being judgmental here (I know 3 partners who've been living together for over 18 years now but they're not open either lol. Ain't the world of sexuality so plurally fantastic?! This is why I think it isn't fair that I'm only sexually drawn to masculine gay men. BTW...Whatever sexual orientation I just don't have sex with my friends. Friends are timeless, precious nuggets I don't fuck around with: they matter big time. Unafraid of intimacy, well-travelled, with a passion for listening as well as for being heard, working out when time allows and swimming. Grew up by the Atlantic & the Pacific so I guess I'm an optimistic, happy gay dolphin by nature. Am always chuffed to have an invite to chat at a café or have a good stout at the pub. Enough ranting now and to finish off I must say I'm of course no perfect fellah and should you want to find out about my wicked ways and bad faults you'll have to get your sexy hands and sticky sleazy fingers busy yourself and ask me. Now please give me a hand (more would be tops too :) and be upfront: ask me whatever you like and I'll do my best to reply. Thanks for reading my long-winded profile and have a great day. Cheers!
Natation, surf,musique,cuisine entre amis/ies,voyages, apprendre d'autres langues et sur d'autres cultures, cinema entre amis/ies, lire...etc.
Lyon, Rhone, Rhone-Alpes, France
Personal information
Sex : A man
Searching for : A man
Date of birth : 15/10/1963
Eye color : Brown
Hair color : Other
Height : 1,75
Religion : Agnostic
Smoker? : No
Alcohol? : Occasionally
Divorced ? : No
Have you got children? : No
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